If you need to send back your items, you have 7 days from the date you received your order to exchange or return. We will collect the items from your home with a return/ exchange delivery fee. Please make sure items are in the same condition you received them in with the original invoice. Returned items that do not include an invoice copy will not be accepted and the items will be returned to you.

Please contact the customer care team through the contact us page.

Items are only refunded in cash if the item was purchased in cash and not store credit.

The customer is not entitled directly to the option of refund or replacement in the following cases:

  1. If the customer is aware of the defect in the good at the time of purchasing and accepting them in their condition and proved in the purchase invoice.
  2. If the goods or items by nature or its way of packaging prevent replacing or refunding such as being exposed to damage or impossibility of returning it to the situation it was at the time of purchase in such a way as to avoid resale.
The customer must keep the original purchase invoice and it is the only document for replacement and refund.
The customer’s signature on the transfer and delivery notice shall be regarded as confirmation of receipt of the goods purchased in good condition and free from apparent defects.
Purchase invoices that are not stamped with the company’s stamp shall be deemed null and void.
Wedding and party clothes are non-exchangeable and nonrefundable.